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Aside from this page, these are some of the other pages I have made:
Milagro Systems, Inc. ~ I used to be the webmaster for this company until they went out of business..
Patent Pending ~ The largest emulation and video game archive on the web
Konfiskated Teknologies ~ The game network created by the members of Patent Pending
NowWhat Enterprises ~ A site created by the minds of FCHS Biology II Sem. 1 1998-99
Shadows Enterprises ~ The remains of the former H/P/V/C/A group
Sean's Homepage ~ Dale Earnhardt tribute site for one of my friends
Ryan Weddle's Homepage ~ Dale Jarrett tribute site for another of my friends
FCHS Corn and Culture Homepage ~ 1997 AASIS School Project
FCHS Homepage | IVES Homepage~ I've worked on various sections of my school system's page
MEGAߥTE's HTML Guide ~ I only spent a day doing this in '96....
  1. If you provide a link to me on your page, I will create a Now! button or rotating sphere for you.
  2. If you need some minor HTML help, I'll help you. Just add a link to me on your page.
  3. If you want me to do your page or site for you, e-mail me and we'll discuss charges.

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