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1997.10.20: 100th site is admitted to the ring!
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Navigate as usual using the buttons in the lower frame. The link will popup in this window. If you wish to come back here, click the Tour logo. To get back to my homepage, get to Site 1 or Click Home. The bottom left-hand corner indicates what site in the ring you are at. You must have Frames & JavaScript enabled to support this tour. Also, members of this ring must have entered their code correctly on their pages otherwise you may not be able to proceed with such functions as Next. You will be able to see this occurence if the site number is labeled ? in the bottom left corner.

This webring was created for almost anyone with a page. Add your site to the queue by filling out the info below. Give me a week and I will respond. I will review your page to see if you deserve to be in this ring.

This is what the code should look like on your page:
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