Chicago Pictures
We stopped twice in Chicago on our trip, and twice we grumbled about the fact that this major American city had a population of 43 while we were in town. We did get great pizza though.

A rather nice, if symetrically-challenged, cathedral in downtown Chicago.

Union Station, Chicago. Amtrak's main hub.

OK,  so this is pretty much self-explanatory. But do you know where it's located? That's right! South Wacker Drive. Note the total lack of living organisms in this picture (besides Aaron and Andrew).

The Man-on-the-Street view of the Sears Tower.

Me on a drawbridge. Incidentally, if you fell in the water, the life-preserver would do you little good, judging by the looks (and smells) of the water.

Last, and certainly least, is this statue found inside of Union Station. It's a woman holding a chicken in her palm. Insert clever pun, dirty joke, or snide comment here.