The LA Convention Center, cite of E3 03'. It was here that I became world-renowned for my ability to grab as much free stuff as possible.

E3 had lots of "unique" individuals. The following are some of the folks who get paid (or at least one would hope) to get dressed up and show off their pride in their games.  I took pictures only of the most amusing (to me anyway) "artists."

The Hulk gets ready to bang some heads together.
I wasn't the only Green stud in the building. The Hulk was there as well. Here you see him getting ready to smash these two poor souls silly.

This guy is:
d)All of the above
I was born in Dusseldorf/ And that is why they call me Rolfe!
Don't be stupid, be a smarty/ Come and join the Nazi party!

Her Helga. Her fierce woman. Hagar would be proud.

Knight in Scanty Armor
I don't know what game this was for. And I don't really care. I just wish I had a bunch of those magnetic letters of the alphabet. THAT would have been much more fun.